Almond Bread

Some pictures of me and my BF, Almond.

Almond and me going for a walk on the beach <3

Oh, I love this one. Almond ended up fusing with me for a bit. I think we look pretty cute together, in a goofy sort of way, don't you?

Almond and I going on rock-climbing trip for his birthday! We had a lot of fun this day!


Here's a few pictures of various iterations of me doing all sorts of things.

Avast, matey. I'm a swashbuckling pirate type fella here.

This was a relaxing day! It's nice to be out in nature, all by yourself, no responsbilities to speak off...

This is from when I got really into SRB2kart. This is from before my face was really figured out, I bet this would look pretty cute if I did it again, looking like I do now.

This is me from a past universe. Don't really want to ponder the implications of this one, truth be told.

Here I'm getting absolutely destroyed by Mario. Not until I was in this situation did I realize how much I look like bowser! In part this is what made me decide to start growing my hair out, haha.

Guess in another universe I was a full on dragon, huh. I sure do look cozy, don't I?

Everyone has an edgy phase. This wasn't mine, though, this was just a bit.

Older forms

Each time my egg arrives in a new universe, I look a little bit different when I hatch. I've gathered a few pictures of myself from other worlds.

What I originally looked like, apparently. I look kind of grumpy, don't I? Boy are my horns stubby. And where's my tail?!?

I look like an old man. And I'm so colorful! Though it also looks like maybe I just fell in some mud.

I guess it took me a long time to evolve properly digigrade legs. This one looks particularly painful. But I look so happy, it couldn't have been that bad!

Hey, this one looks pretty recognizable! I had grey fur for a long while before it became more of a beige. And look at those claws! I bet those got in the way all the time.

My neck fluff looks pretty cool here! It's like a mane, or something. I think I look alright in this one, but I still don't look quite like me, y'know?

I look so serious! Maybe I'm upset because I got my eyebrows styled too intensely.

I finally decided to grow out my hair, and trim off my neck mane, it seems.

This form looks pretty similar to me now! Except I've got a weird snout in this one.

This one was probably from my life right before this one. Only real difference is that my hair's still grey, and it's pushed back behind my horns.