Bashful Abyss-lurkers

Jackal-like creature, stands upright, lurks behind trees, watches, pounces when prey is alone. Travel in herds. Short, lucario sized. Black and dark brown coloring, fade into the shadows, eyes pierce through regardless. Very large ears.

Polypodiopsida Draconis

Dragons that blend into the trees. Fern-like moss grows on their skins, camouflaging them in a symbiotic process. Often sit atop trees, underneath moss have dark brown skin (not scales).

Lunging Leowisps

Translucent, gaseous lions that stalk their prey and then solidify to consume. Move very slowly, have to remain corporeal while digesting, takes a few hours. Vulnerable in that moment.

Jumping Jylalalaz

Small creatures, black in color, with long legs and small bodies. They crouch down and launch into the air, which makes a short jazzy tune, and then open their bodies up to envelop prey.

Helping Hootleantlers

Owl-deer (owls with antlers, extendable legs on the ground, similar to a satyr, retract while flying), exist in forests to guard against tresspasses. Scavengers; can subsist on plant life, but also eat the dead. They do not kill, but merely grab (albeit sometimes violently) travelers and escort them out of their territory. “Helping” is due to their tendency to be a lifeline for the lost.


Floating small dolphins can inflate to huge sizes to get away from prey quickly, come in bright pinks, greens and blues (pastel). Three different sexes, all involved in reproduction.

Gooball Munchies

Stick creatures (bugs) that roll around, and stick together to form larger creatures. Pick up bits of bacteria and other scraps / bugs to consume, though individual parts of the creature are vulnerable to predation. Moves very slowly when bundled together - is it one organism or many? Is it a fungus or an insect? It is unclear.


Flightless birds that ROLL. Fold in their legs and heads, brownish in color, vaguely turkey-like in appearance.

Advanced Turkeys

Large, 7-8 foot tall birds. Have large face flaps, a long beak that sticks out, and a sort of funky mohawk. Flightless, but very fast runners. Smacks people out of the way with their wings and face flaps.