Your name is Winston Railway. You've just broken into the Museum of Eight, here to heist the Sacred Artifact. You're not quite sure what that is yet, but you'll know it when you see it.


So sweet... so tender... this is not the Sacred Artifact, but it IS art, and that's a fact.

Examine the center fish

The sign says oh, "the poor fiiiiiish". The fish seems to be made of steel, and is welded to the bucket. However, it is filled with actual water.

Take a sip. Quench your thirst

You now feel hydrated. Good slurps were had by all.

Use hydrated eyes to thoroughly appreciate the clown painting

Refreshed with water, you momentarily are able to see the painting in high definition with color. Truly a marvelous work of art.

Wipe tears and examine the bag on the floor next to it

You open your backpack, and assess your thievery supplies. You have a lockpick set, a screwdriver, a flashlight, and a child link amiibo.

Check cat painting and shelf to the left

You can't quite reach the Kirby and Mario amiibos on the shelf. The cat is orange, and shaven, and has a rather grumpy face. The plaque says "The beast has dominion over the child's toys.

Check the lil vent

It's screwed shut. It's also too dark to see down.

Use screwdriver

ALAS, the screws are flat heads, and your screwdriver is a phillips head.

Shine flashlight into the darkness

You can see a bit of the floor below you... a security guard appears to be dozing off.

Leave him be for now and examine the broken ladder

This was how you entered the museum. Your rope ladder snapped on the way down, and you can't reach the rest of it.

Check the door

The door is barred shut, likely for security during the nighttime. There's a keycard reader next to it.

Alright then, do the most logical thing and pour the fish water down the vent

You hear someone yelling from the floor below you. There appears to have been a small book underneath the fish statue.

Nab book and start reading

The book appears to be a treatise on cat etiquette. The cat on the cover bears some resemblance to the cat in the painting. Within the pages of this book, you additionally find a small butter knife.

can i use the tip of th butter knife to unscrew the vent thing

Success! The vent comes off with ease. Below you, it appears that the guard from earlier has left.

down i go (but I'm taking the butter knife, book, and that snowglobe on the shelf

You manage to reach the Kirby amiibo, mistaken initially as a snowglobe, by standing on the fish statue.

Bringing only the Kirby amiibo, the book, and the butter knife, and nothing else, you land in a puddle on the second floor.

what's that thing on the piano. does the top of the piano open

You inspect the item on top of the piano. It's an Isabelle amiibo. A delightful new creation from Nintendo that blends both toy and game alike.

Yes, the piano does open indeed. You find a hookshot, with an attached label that says [ 3 USES ONLY ].

examine present

You pick up the present, and give it a bit of a shake. A voice inside says "INTRUDER ALERT. SELF DEFENSE MECHANISM ACTIVATED. 60... 59... 58..."

so gimme the hookshot and hide in the piano

You hide in the piano, hookshot in hand. Time seems to almost slow down as the clock ticks down. Eventually, however, the countdown reaches 0, and the box bursts open!

A small robotic security guard emerges. Be careful, their arms look armed.