A few pieces I'm proud of since I started drawing in 2020. Other miscellaneous drawings I've made are scattered throughout the site.


Striped anthro creature kicking Bugbear Man sitting in armchair on the moon as the Earth is consumed by a spiral.


Anthro blacktip reef shark slash comb jelly Anthro opossum slash bear wearing a crown, sitting in a throne. Anthro bobcat in overalls hoeing the land in front of a house. Large rock figures with mossy hapazardly jutting out of the ocean. Anthro crow in a field of wheat wearing a tuxedo. Anthro wolf, clutching a bloody chest wound and holding a sword.


Shirtless wolfish furry standing in a field of strawberries. Werewolf flexing and wearing partial armor Opening area from Mario and Luigi: Partner's in Time. A portal in a grassy area, behind which lies a gigantic mushroom emerging from somewhere below the clouds. Farther away lies a snowy village. A tan furry dog lounges on a hammock by the seaside. Two anthro dogs fight A buff furry dog flexes on the beach


Dog furry with an awkward expression sits on a bench. Dog on a motorcycle. Lion with wings dressed as an angel floats, behind which lies binary code. Anthro dog wearing suspenders Kero stands on a cliff against a stormy background. Anthro dog sitting, wearing jeans & t-shirt.