the underground city

the city is nearly empty, and impossibly old. you quickly find yourself getting lost on the streets.

occasionally, you bump into the townsfolk of the city. who do you talk to?


locations under reconstruction:

  • zoological gardens
  • concert hall
pigeon in the colosseum

city status

it's a very nebulous thing, to have a city present in the subconscious. a static fixture, an imposure of order, on something that cannot be defined. but there are those that wish to rise to such a challenge. many have tried before, and fail, but from their foundations, may we build something mighty. or at least that's the vibe you're getting from the people you've met here.

recent updates

2.9.23: the docks have reopened for the first time in a while.

9.29.23: the museum of the golden boar has reopened!

reaching the docks is simple enough. the city is on an island, after all; you can go in one direction and the simply follow the oceanfront.