Main Lobby

Herein we are gathered to celebrate matters pertaining to the 8 boars. They have not always been the same 8 boars, but the spirit of the eight has travelled through many different hosts. Come, peruse the artifacts and creations pertient to boar culture and society.

List of current boars:

  1. The rorcanc dog, greedy for cornflakes, Jules ‘Hugs’ McQuilo aka Ballgame Hooves (sus)
  2. The accelerator of poultry, Little Jingles aka Rumpler (cokayc)
  3. King Kachow: the occasionally crustaceous memeslaying dope plant, aka trash boat
  4. An Urgent Tael of two kitties: catsune miku and the hollyjolly deer-looking animal ass gamer
  5. Our resident Death Scholar & Dancemaster, Le Bihoreau Étrange, Thrall of Infinite Torture, little baby of me strawberries (old lesbian) aka Penbeard / Mc Jazzy Neckbeard (Tringle ▲)
  6. No
  7. The unyielding mikileaker of vicious juices, moriori
  8. The witch of riceballs, Boogeta-Boogeta Boo (gibby)

Upcoming Boar Holidays:

  • March 2nd: Founding day
  • March 13th: Anniversary of Ray releasing the cure for COVID-19
  • April 2nd: Bernie Thursday
  • April 4th: First day of Hongkongtober
  • June 27th: Eric Awareness Day
  • September 6th: Festival of Fail
  • November 1st: dand day
  • December 19th: Shedding of the Underyan