Oh hi! Glad to see you’ve made it down here. It was a bit rude for you to burn down my site to get here, heh heh~! It’s no big deal, it was all just javascript, so you can go back anytime. Anyway, here, step into my house, let’s chat.

What is this place?

This is my house! Ah, wait, you probably mean “this place” as in the whole "subconscious". This is the website beneath my website. It's still fully forming, so it's unclear what exactly that means. But I'm glad you made it here, in any case! :3

Who are you?

I’m Kero! Or -- formally -- 'The Honda Summer Savings Event' I’m the fursona of the webmaster. Sometimes fursonas are just direct representations of their creators, but I’m more of a character, I think. Not sure though – after all, the webmaster is the one who’s decided everything I’m saying right now. Eh, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Do you ever wonder if you’ll get replaced?

You mean, if he picked a different fursona? I don’t think I’d ever go away. I mean, I was the first. There’s a special bond there. I might change, grow, but that’s true of everyone.

Where did you come from?

My egg crashed down from space onto a 2014 Honda Civic. I guess I'm an alien, technically? I was actually raised by a guy named Josiah, one of the salesman on duty that day. My childhood only lasted a few years, my species matures pretty fast. My dad kept me hidden, thought it was a bad idea for the world to see me. But eventually, I just wanted to go out and see the world, so I ran away. Lived alone in the woods for a while, until I made some friends, and started seeing more of the world. No idea where I come from originally.

Do you miss the yous you used to be?

Nope! I'm curious, maybe, but I can't miss what I don't remember having to begin with. And I'm happy with the life I'm living right now, so that's enough for me.

What do you taste like?

Salty. Rough? Probably however an alligator would taste.

What's your stance on solipsism?

Throwing out the heavy hitters, huh? Well, between you and me, I've gotta say it's more likely that you exist than I do.

Does this actually work?
May 7th, 2023

You mean the question submission field? Yep, it works! I don't check to see if I've gotten any questions that often, however.

Top 10 Numbers
September 30th, 2023

87, 8 (bodacious), my SSN, my zip code, 6, 1066, derf, 157, 3, 0

opinions on silent Hill 2 soundtrack? I'm listening to it rn
December 7, 2023

Jacob Galler did an excellent video on horror game soundtracks. I feel that my own opinions merely parrot his (especially given that I haven't played Silent Hill before). The one special gut-wrenching track from a horror game that's always stuck me is the maintence room theme from Hatoful Boyfriend. Just, the feeling of reprieve against continued bizarre tragedy, it's something else to experience.

anthro dragon facing viewer, sitting at desk with main loafsona site on homepage

I've got a few documents lying around, anything you want to take a look at?

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