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Wow, yep, I'm one of those people that likes the funny animal people. You know the ones.

My Fursona

Fig. 1: Kero


Kero is me if I wasn't nerfed by anxiety and impulse control. If you don't otherwise know my personality this description is useless, too bad for you :(


He's who him? His full name is 'The Honda Summer Savings Event'. But most of the time he goes by Kero or Loaf, maybe. Is my name Loaf? Or just my sona? Whatever!

Kero arrived on Earth after his egg crashed into a Honda dealership. He certainly was the hottest hit of the summer. (his egg while falling through space reached a temperature of [LOOK UP WHAT A HOT TEMPERATURE IS] kelvin. woah mama!)

Every 50 years Kero dies and is reincarnated in a different dimension with no memories of previous lives, except random visions in dreams. Until then he just kinda wanders around and gets into mischief.

Fig. 2: Detailed headshot

What species is he? Hell if I know. Just a creature.


Kero's been my sona for only a year or two. Even though I've been a furry since 8th grade, whenever that was, I only finally decided upon a sona when one of my friends sat me down and forced me to answer questions until I arrived at a design. What a great friend. She isn't even a furry (though apparently she has a cousin who was a big popufur fursuiter who got cancelled for something that apparently isn't true. Neat!)

The name Honda Summer Savings Event came from my friend recommending it as a joke. Kero is vaguely from the gero-gero sound frogs make when they are speaking Japanese. Loaf is like from bread and laziness.


Made by a friend! Kero REAL??
Made by 인절미! Kero REAL!!
Made by an enemy