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Recommending a few somewhat-unknown videos/channels I'm a fan of.
  • Crappy Blue - Makes a wonderfully miscellaneous assortment of content. They have a Let's Play where they play through Sonic 1, but every 10 seconds they switch to an alternate instance of the game w/ a different character. BUT they also switch their commentary each time the split happens, so that theoretically, they can split the footage into three videos, one with each character and own coherent stream of commentary. It's such a silly high concept idea that I can't even fully explain it -- they're definitely my favorite Let's Player out there at the moment.
  • I'm Trapped Inside Hercules (1997) [for the PC] and I Can't Log Out?! - The magnum opus of the Catgirl Research Society. Only has ~2000 views. One of my friends once found out that her girlfriend had independently found and watched this video.
  • Errant Signal - thoughtful video game reviews and showcases of indie games, as quality as GMTK and the like, but never took off as much
  • jan Misali - fun fact, I know the guy who made kay(f)bop(t)
  • SupraDarky - uploads a misc song from a video game every day
  • ohohojousama - collection of ohohoho
  • A Fox in Space - making a good StarFox animation series
  • KONG- A Documentary - speculative donkey kong family tree
  • The Death of Honeysuckle - the last 4 seconds obliterate me