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Player Characters

Theo McFluffyKins


  • Animated Plush Rabbit: Previously owned by child of Avaricious Ω. Pringle IX, animated by magic and became deeply invested in learning about the world.
  • Curiosity Killed The... Rabbit?: Curious about the lives of living things and the workings of the world after being animated; may sometimes take risky actions in search of knowledge.
  • Mischief-Maker: Conspired to steal noun crystal from a Cellophane monastery; is quick to jump on schemes and plans.
  • Loving Lagomorph: Indebted to Avvy's mother for providing her sentience, for whom she has promised to take care of Avvy, and perhaps draws from her some lingering motherly care and responsibility towards her friends.
  • Popular Mascot: Makes a good representative - was stolen by the mafia just for making a cute symbol.

Stubby Pat


  • Clown: honk
  • A Wolf in Clown's Shoes: Was once known as Stabby Pete, a member of the Pumas, a powerful mafia organization.
  • Brand New Troupe: Feels closer to his companions after the tremendous ordeal of baking before an audience.
  • Stitchy Fingers: Stole Theo to animate as our catgirl kyubei sidekick of the mafia.
  • Clown-Destined Jilted Ex-Lovers : Once involved with Marx Nightly.

Marx Nightly


  • Wandering Brother Monk: A fighting monk of the order of Cellophane Ballbane. He is the son of the head of the monastery, and was expected to take over. Dissatisfied with his life as an acolyte and wanting a deeper connection to the world, he "left" (was kicked out of) the order to find himself. And maybe be an annoyingly protective older brother figure while he's at it.
  • Can't read: Knowledge is not something that matters to him. He's a fucking idiot and all attempts at teaching him to read or respect history never work. Gladys visited the monastery once and was asked by the monastery to teach Marx to read, but it was so impossible to teach him they didn't really bother. They tried to teach Marx syntax by baking a cake for him, causing him to immediately feel attached to them. Marx is currently trying to improve his skills in hopes of receiving his father's approval...
  • One Little Slip: Marx missed a crucial moment where the party's cake was poisoned by Penelope and Co. As such, he blames himself pretty severely for what he's done. Despite magic rarely affecting him, he feels personally responsible for the situation with the mold and is willing to do anything to rectify it.
  • Quick to Attach, Quick to Attack: He's got a very snap response to things. If he sees someone he feels a connection to, he'll immediately make himself a protector. If he sees someone do something he hates, they are immediately an enemy. Nuance is lost on him.
  • Jilted Ex-Lover: Marx and Stabby Pat were once in a commited and clandestine relationship, until Pat was given Marx as an assassination target. Rather than killing him, Pat chose to break up and pretend Marx was dead, which upset him greatly. At the bakery, Pat hopes to turn over a new leaf in their friendship.

Gladys Uriath


  • Linguistic Knight-Sorcerer: Abilities based on various noun cases
  • Mad Daydreamer: Completely engrossed in whimsy to the extent that they cannot properly interface with reality, including inability to tell which person they are in a group.
  • Noun Crystal Expert: Collects noun crystals for power and manipulates language magic, but suffers from fragmented nominal worldview.
  • Resented by Stabby, Friend of Stubby: During a depersonalization episode, thought they were the consigliere and accidentally killed him, then framed Pat, causing enmity -- when Pat turned over a new leaf in the circus, their relationship improved.
  • Accidental Animator: Holds the responsibility of having inadvertently brought Theo to life using aberrant Nominative magic.

The story so far:

ARC 1: The Baking Competition

  1. Gladys' notes on noun crystals were stolen. The party breaks into the estate of Avaricious Ω. Pringle IX, and finds that these notes were sold to H. Beetlian. Later, the party threatens a food critic into giving their bakery, "Fresh Buns" a good review and invitation to compete in a baking competition in Songview.
  2. On the way to Songview, the team rescues Flumsylvio's golden egg from a sentient group of rats in a trenchcoat. A thief clad in pink named Penelope attempts to steal the party's invitation to the competition.
  3. A murder mystery at a circus; poble :) is dead. Here we meet MANY characters -- the all-knowing crow Crummington Falsebeak, the Palette Peons Marco and Luca, the perpetually suspicious Olivia Murders and some members of the Augmented Cabal, like Loquacious Iota the First.
  4. Marx gains a crippling fear of hotels and the party harasses a balloon-man.
  5. The party arrives in Songview and defeats an imposter masquerading as one of the judges, the mayor of Cordyceps.
  6. Team Breadwinners races to find cake ingredients hidden across Songview -- the party accidentally destroys most of the ingredients. A penguin rides three members of the Augmented Cabal fused together off into the sunset.
  7. Marx confronts his father as part of the quest to find the last ingredient, and they reconcile, at least somewhat. Loquacious Iota the First tries to intervene, but the party knocks her out, puts her on a raft, and lets the river decide whether she lives or dies.
  8. The baking competition: Team Breadwinners goes head to head to head to head with Team Kaleidoscope (the Palette Peons), Team Penumbra (the Augmented Cabal) and Team Definitely Not Suspicious (Olivia Murders). The teams attempt to bake while sabotaging each other relentlessly. One of Olivia's teammates and Luca are killed. Team Breadwinners manages to emerge victorious. As a reward, a copy of their cake will be duplicated and sent to each major city in the Federation of Rhyme. However, Marx failed to notice one of the Palette Peons insert something into their cake. That something was an anti-magic moss, which rapidly spreads all over the world. This causes global infrastructure to halt, Hegemonic Beetlian to explode, and Marx to feel very guilty.

ARC 2: The Moss

  1. The team researches ways to defeat the moss. They decide to board a ship to Bhuu Ghi, to reach the Sarmalow Gardens, the native habitat of a similar moss (glinglog), but the ship is attached by otter pirates.
  2. The otters are defeated and the party reaches their destination, where they meet Dr. Roseglob, a psychiatrist, Lucille Machine, a botanist and robotics researcher, and Grady Malvagio, a guide. Grady, Dr. Roseglob and the party head off into the Sarmalow Jungle.
  3. The party finds the temple of bhargavanthro, and enter it, where they discover a fluid that can remove all traces of magic from whatever touches it. They also discover that sentience is a kind of magic, and turn Dr. Roseglob into a Chutoman.
  4. The party exits the jungle, ignoring Grady being attacked by carniverous plants (Mawbries), and shoot down a cat-shaped hot air balloon carrying Pumas. The team gives the reversion fluid to Lucille, and she begins work on an antidote for the moss. Team Microagression get their own hot air balloon (bunny-loaf shaped), and follow a lead to Mt. Ambulae, where they negotiate with a magic artifact hoarder for some trinkets. 
  5. Our "heroes" make their way to Jermapolis, where they find it is under attack by the Pumas. They convince Ms. Fritzle to let them try to awaken Big Jeremy to fight them off. Inside Big Jeremy, they encounter Crummington Falsebeak, who offers to answer any question in exchange for a favor. They learn that Marx's mom is the boss of the Palette Peons. Afterwards, each party member must confront their past: Gladys encounters herself before she went mad, Theo learns that she has the sentience of Avvy's mother, Marx learns that his mother stole away his ability to read, and Stubby Pat tries to convince his younger self not to go through with an assassination he regrets.
  6. Big Jeremy wipes out the Pumas. The party then immediately goes to the headquarters of the Pumas, Luxland Dreamscape. There, they encounter Grady, who was actually a Puma in disguise, who tries to take revenge, but can't get into it because Marx is depressed and Gladys understands nothing.
  7. The party meets with the boss of the Pumas, which turns out to be poble :). poble :) agrees to help if the party can help with the invasion of Jermapolis. The party then fakes their death at Jermapolis by shooting their sentiences into Pumas.
  8. Sentience is regained after the party successfully send poble :) blasting off again. A comatose Loquacious Iota is revived, and the party leaves before they need to deal with the consequences.
  9. The team recieves an invitation from Crummington Falsebeak for tea at the Smooth Jazz Hot Sex Club in Songview. On the way there, they stop at Hotel Recrudescence, where they run into Olivia Murders, and agree to help her take revenge. Crummington asks the party to deliver two boxes: one to Marx's dad, the other to Dr. Auxiliary Flubingading in the Carcinization Desert. They also run into Todd, a Palette Peon, and learn that the others are hiding in the Dust Bowl.
  10. Upon arriving the dust bowl, the party needs to complete three trials to meet with Dr. Auxiliary. They complete the first trial by successfully defeating the Magic Ghoulbus in the catctus forest.
  11. The next two trials are uneventful, and our heroes meet Dr. Auxiliary Flubingading, who is another linguistic-sorcerer, except he uses modal-crystals and is temporally confused. Afterwards, the team sets out for the Dust Bowl; they delve beneath caves (where they are joined by a duplicate of Stubby Pat) to arrive at the Palette Peon's headquarters.
  12. The party faces off against Marco, and successfully defeat him, though Theo is greatly damaged. In the chaos of battle, Penelope steals Theo, and tries to get the party to trade her for Magalor's package. In the team's poor attempts to fool Penelope, the box is dropped and opened, transporting the party to the world of Cellophane Ballbane. Unfortunately, due to great injuries, the team retreats for now.
  13. The team helps Olivia Murders with her revenge sidequest, and makes peace with the Augmented Cabal.
  14. Stubby and Marx explore the egg of all dreams. Later, the team returns to the realm of Cellophane Ballbane. Penelope and Dr. Auxiliary Flubingading are in combat, and they join in fighting Penelope.
  15. The team slays Penelope. Afterwards, Marx's mother appears and reveals her motivations. The magic of the world draws upon the souls of the deceased -- to fully activate the moss, and return all stolen magic (sentience), Cellophane Ballbane must die. Stubby and Theo seem convinced by Deedee, while Marx and Gladys are opposed. Deedee attempts to slay Cellophane, but is knocked out by Stubby. Gladys extracts Deedee's conviction, so she cares more about her son's wellbeing than the wellbeing of the world, and agrees to stop such drastic action, and return to a more incremental approach. An uneasy compromise is made, to phase out magic, rather than eliminating it all at once.
  16. At a party held by Crummington Falsebeak in Big Jeremy to celebrate defeating the moss, Crummington unveils his plans to create a new universe (which would destroy this one), using the magical language consisting of figures such as Gladys, Dr. Auxiliary, and Loquacious Iota. This ritual is disrupted, and Stubby Pat creates a pet cat instead of a new universe. The end.


Alive? Alias Aspect Affiliation Abstract
Dead Hegemonic α Beetlian the First Controls Money Augmented Cabal Powerful figure in Augmented Cabal
Dead Scrumptious Δ. VI Knives for Teeth Augmented Cabal Killed by Palette Peons in baking competition
Dead? Loquacious Ι. the First Doubletalker Augmented Cabal Drowned, partially resurrected by Pumas
Alive Multiplicitous κ Gerogeo V Shapeshifting Toad Augmented Cabal Impersonated the mayor
Alive Dexterous ε IV Abundant Utilities Augmented Cabal In baking competition
Split Amalgamous Σ Many the First Ultimate Amalgam Augmented Cabal Former fusion of cabal members, fused and defused by Gladys
Chuto Dr. "Goldbulb" Roseglob Mindful Chutoman Bhuu Ghi Psychiatrist turned Chutoman, abandoned
Alive Lucille Machine Ro-Botanist Bhuu Ghi Created cure for the moss
Alive Avaricious (Avvy) Pringle Jr. Well-mannered Scion Cordyceps Daughter of Ω., former owner of Theo
Alive Daniel Cocker Mailman Who Hates Mailmen Cordyceps Convinced to quit job
Alive Gordy Cordy Mole and Swole Cordyceps Mayor of Cordyceps
Alive Toasty Williamson Corrupt Sheriff Cordyceps Dog bribed by Avaricious
Dead Avaricious Ω. Pringle IX Magnets for Hands Cordyceps, Augmented Cabal Stole Gladys' notes on noun crystals
Alive Magalor Nightly Disappointed Dad Devotees of Cellophane Ballbane Marx's dad, leader of the cult
Alive Treeg Oscakom Hoarder of Magic Devotees of Cellophane Ballbane Secluded away in Mt. Ambulae
Alive Flumsylvio G. Wrinkleson Stubborn Goose Goosebury-on-Twyne Protective of his golden egg
Alive Fido von Snufflefluffle Overwhelmed Concierge Hotel Recrudescence
Alive Bellboy Bellboy Bell Boy Hotel Recrudescence
Dead Mangle, That Which Reciprocates Reciprical Ghost Hotel Recrudescence
Dead Jangle, That Which Devestates Violent Ghost Hotel Recrudescence
Alive Pangle, That Which Orchestrates Scheming Ghost Hotel Recrudescence
Alive Frida Fritzel Powerful Butterfly Researcher Jermopolis Head of research at Jermopolis
Alive Jerma Genius Ratsearcher Jermopolis Scientist rat piloting a person suit, owes you a favor
Alive Captian Ukroust Otter Pirate Captain Otter Pirates Now loyal to a child
Dead Penelope Hot Pink Purloiner Palette Peons Attempted to assassinate Cellophane
Dead Luca Vengeful Brother Palette Peons Defeated in in the Dust Bowl
Alive Todd Outsted Peon Palette Peons Banished from the Palette Peons
Dead Marco (⓿_⓿) Reanimated Skeleton Palette Peons New conciousness now pilots his skeleton
Alive Deedee Magalore Anti-magic Chairwoman Pogonatum Painters Marx's mom
Alive Grady Malvagio Puma Espionage Expert Pumas Fake guide
Alive Gordon (Grayclaw) Gumdropz, Jr. Charismatic Ringmaster Small Bottom Big Top Asked party to solve poble :)'s murder
Alive Devious Doug Devious Clown Small Bottom Big Top Attempted to murder poble :)
Alive Loogey Larry Loogey Clown Small Bottom Big Top Full name is “Lugubrious Larrald”
Alive Terrible Sally Weddingsday Adulterous Clown Small Bottom Big Top Wife of poble :), cheated on them
??? poble :) Unkillable Clown Small Bottom Big Top, Pumas Subject of 3+ murder attempts, leader of the Pumas
Alive Anton Goldfinch Reasonably Harsh Food Critic Songview Food critic, threatened giving invitation
Alive Karen B. Fingers Cataclysmically Clumsy Songview Guide for baking teams
Alive Tootles the Whalefish Mayor of Songview Songview Judged the cake
Alive Olivia Murders Always Acts Suspicious Songview Has a romance with Marx. Got revenge after friend died in baking competition
Alive Francach Choir Rats in a Trenchcoat Servants of The Rodent Stole the mayor’s egg and framed Team Microaggression
Alive Crummington Falsebeak Uncannily Perceptive Puppetmasters Has been pulling the strings all along
Alive Cellophane Ballbane God of Language Puppetmasters Gifted humanity the ability to use magic
Alive Gerald Gourd Balloon Man Misc Clumsy, rollable man (RUDE!)
Dead Bornie O'Rumpkin Dead Clown Critic Misc Was murdered by Stubby Pat
Alive Ode to Fragrance Purveyor of Smell Spells Misc Old man with mastery over smells
Alive Dr. Auxiliary Flubingading Temporally Confused Carcinization Desert Made a deal with Crummington Falsebeak...