Name: Loaf / Kero
Rarity: ★★★☆☆
Mood: Blithe
Flavor: Salty
Favorites: These


image of a hammer smacking a fox's face into a gamecube controller image of an anthro dog and an anthro cat standing three small images. one of a werewolf howling at the moon, one of a tiny island, and one of a canyon. two bird-like creatures (wugs) a dragon hugging a large many-sided die

Basic Info

  • Age: 20s
  • Pronouns: he/him
  • Birthday: a wednesday :(

Fun facts:

  • I had a streak of thinking about Applebee's at least once per day for 6 months. We called it the "Applebee's Curse". This was the basis for a standup comedy routine I did.
  • I took a 3-session clowning workshop in college. At one point, we had to arrange ourselves in a clown dominance hierarchy.
  • I dream almost every night. I have been keeping a dream journal since 2014; the portion of the journal from 2014-2020 contains 68009 words!


kero, with text 'kero.gay' pixelated drawing of a foggy & rocky seashore with text 'loafsona'

Why did I make this site?

Alright, this is where I put my manifesto or whatever. tl;dr: Centralized internet = bad, decentralized internet = good. I was exploring small spaces on the web with Marginalia Search and was reminded about neocities and decided... yeah, this seems right. I've never had good experiences with modern internet spaces, I'm awful at engaging with people on them, they feel like the crush individuality and creative expression... etc. etc. I'm sure most neocities users share these kinds of sentiments. In the past I've only made websites for professional reasons so making one for fun is kinda liberating.