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Languages are neat! I'm a native English speaker & I'm dubiously conversational in Spanish. I also have some experience/familiarity with ASL, Japanese, Danish, Korean, Navajo, Zapotec and toki pona. I "specialize" (insofar as an undergrad can specialize...) in NLP, phonology and historical linguistics.

Basic resources

  • Anki - Use spaced repetition system to learn new words.
  • Ethnolog - Expansive record of the world's languages.
  • Glottolog - Alternative to Ethnolog. Don't have an opinion on which is better.
  • Syntree - Syntax tree maker.
  • IPAChart - Hear the sounds used in spoken languages.
  • Pink Trombone - Make sounds by moving around mouth parts.

Interesting journal articles

Conlang nonsense